CAA 2014 Annual Conference

In 2014, I presented a paper at the Annual College Art Association Conference in Chicago.  Through a reading of Jacques Lacan's theory of the signifier and Paul O'Neill's trajectory of the contemporary curator, I presented a performative analysis of Devin Kenny's work as a model for evaluating the critical concerns for curating today.   The panel, entitled "Has the Delinquent Curator Failed Contemporary Art?," was moderated by Brad Buckley and John Conomos and featured the following contributions: 


Taking Care of Business: The Art Curator as “Hedge Fund Manager” to the Art World’s Ponzi Scheme
Bruce A. Barber, Nova Scotia College of Art and Design

Bad Curating: A Critical Typology
Jovana Stokic, School of Visual Arts

#Curator, #Curate, #Curating
Carolyn Park, independent researcher

Shape Shifters: Co-authored Curatorial Projects that Morph and Adapt
Peter George Dykhuis, Dalhousie Art Gallery

Who Cares? The Shifting Role of the Curator in Contemporary Art
Brett M. Levine, independent curator